Fully customisable and event driven e.g. scheduling text messaging from you application to your clients. Control, Schedule and track messages sent out to and from your customers.

SMS Features


Send unique, individualised messages to targeted customers.
Offer the most relevant promotions based on customer behaviour.

Two way channel

Conduct direct conversations with your customer. Send and receive text messages over any network to any phone.

User Engagement

Boost engagement with notifications, personalised short codes and branded sender IDs with your company’s brand name


Engage and interact with prospective customers about your services and products. Schedule messages sent out to and from your customers.

Integration with any device

Our SMS can easily be integrated with CRM systems, Mobile apps, and even built into websites and Web portals and any other devices.​


Personalised, real-time engagement, targetted messages enabled for multiple application platforms, desktop and web.

SMS Description

Dedicated Shortcodes

Provided to a specific company or organisation to enable the running of multiple campaigns or services.

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Set your company name or brand as the Sender ID. Customize your sender ID using alphanumeric characters for messages.


Dedicated Sender ID 
One time payment of KES 6,960 (inclusive of 16 % VAT)Bulk SMS Units for KES 0.6 per SMS.
Shared Sender ID 
Set up is freeMonthly charge of KES 1,000 (inclusive of 16% VAT)
Dedicated Shortcode 
Set Up is freeMonthly charge of KES 15,000(inclusive of 16% VAT)
Shared Shortcode 
Set Up fee KES 5,000 (inclusive of 16% VAT)Monthly charge of KES 2,000 (inclusive of 16% VAT)

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